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Grammar practice website.

Each night you should be reading 20 minutes. As you read, write your personal thoughts in your Reading Log. State your feelings, thoughts, reactions, and questions about situations, ideas, actions, characters, plots, themes, and any other elements in the story.
Start by writing the date and title of the book/magazine. After you have completed your reading, you should make an entry in your log.

? What do you enjoy in the reading?
? What do you dislike?
? Questions about what you don’t understand
? What do you predict might happen next?
? Write a letter to a character.
? Write a diary entry one of the characters might write.
? What do you think is the most important word, sentence and/or
paragraph in today’s reading? Explain.
? How does today’s chapter relate to something else you’ve read, seen or heard before?
? How does today’s chapter make you feel? Explain?
? If you could be a character in the story, who would you be, and why?
? How is the setting important in today’s chapter/section of the story?

SENTENCE OPENERS: You may also use any of the following sentence openers as a way of getting started on a log entry.
I began to think of . . . I wonder why . . .
I know the feeling . . . I noticed . . .
I love the way . . . I was surprised . . .
I really don’t understand . . . I think . . .
I can’t believe . . . If I were . . .
I realized . . . I’m not sure . . .
This story teaches . . . I wish that . . .
I like the way the author . . . It seems like . . .
The character I most admire is . . , because . . .

HINTS: Each log entry should be at least half a page long. Add small drawings, cartoons, or newspaper articles related to the reading if you wish.